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PIR Water Manager

Reduces the amount of Water Wasted

Our Urinal Flush Manager is an environmentally friendly water saving device that utilises passive infra-red technology to achieve water saving of up to 70%, enabling you to reduce your water bill ensuring you're meeting the requirements set out in The Water Supply Regulations 1999.

A fully automated and programmable Flush manager not only ensures the urinal is flushed regularly during times when the Urinal is active but does not flush at points of the day when the Urinal has not been in use.

The Urinal Flush Manager can save you up to 70% of water usage when compared with a cistern without a similar device being used. The device enables you to successfully meet sustainability targets alongside reducing costs. Designed within a stainless steel case to prevent vandalism, this ensures the integrity of the device and maintains constant operational performance.

Installation and Service

The Urinal Flush Manager is installed by one of our trained technician and includes annual servicing of the control valve and any dirt collectors or filters, ensuring the device is operating at a consistent level, complete with full flush and electronic testing.

0800 313 4972

Features and Benefits

  • Water savings - Substantial decrease in water usage
  • Money Saving - Reduce water bill costs