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Water Cooler Mats

High Water Absorption Mats

Our Initial Plus Water Cooler Mat is designed to help absorb water spillage around water coolers. They are built from a combination of microfibre and superstyrene rubber to make them highly water absorbent. They are shaped to fit around the base of rectangular based water coolers to give maximum protection from water spills and drips.


Initial Microfibre Plus Water Cooler Mat


The Initial Microfibre Plus Water Cooler Mat is made from a combination of 50% Microfibre and 50% Phoenix Fibre , which means it is highly water absorbent and therefore great for placement around the base of water coolers.

In addition it also contains a revolutionary raptor backing pattern to significantly reduce movement on wet or hard surfaces.

Plus Water Cooler Mat

  • Combination of Microfibre, Phoenix Fibre and Superstyrene rubber
  • Microfibre is highly water absorbent due to the large number of fibre filaments
  • Phoniex Fibre is heat and stain resistant and made from 100% recycled materials
  • Superstyrene rubber is memory resistant so the mat stays flat
  • Unique raptor backing significantly reduces the risk of movement

Our water cooler mats are available on full service (4 Weekly mat exchange), for more information please get in touch.

(NB only suitable for rectangular base models).