Pre-Acceptance Waste Audit

Ensure compliance with legislation

The Environment Agency has imposed a legal requirement in the Environmental Permits for Disposal sites to ensure that producers of clinical waste carry out audits of their waste before it can be accepted.

These audits known as ‘pre-acceptance audits’ provide facilities authorised to incinerate or treat clinical waste access to additional information on the composition of waste from the producer. This requirement is not unique to the healthcare sector and is designed to ensure that the waste is properly treated without harm to human health or the environment. Producers will be required to periodically re-audit sites in the future.

As a result the disposal contractors accepting your waste from us for disposal require us to demonstrate that we have obtained this audit information from our customers before it can be legally accepted and disposed of.

Pre-acceptance audit

To ensure your waste is suitable for any chosen method of disposal, all your waste streams must be audited, documented and communicated to the final disposal site. Failure to do this may leave you in breach of your duty of care responsibilities, which can lead to prosecution and unlimited fines.

Pre-acceptance audits are required by producers of waste from the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary practices
  • Dental practices
  • General practices and health centres
  • Community pharmacies
  • Ambulance trusts
  • Care Homes that provide medical or nursing care
  • Research laboratories that produce clinical waste
  • Any other medical practices
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture and supply

The pre-acceptance audit requires information detailing the process of producing the waste, the quantity of waste produced and the individual components of the waste stream and hazards associated with the waste for each part of the producer’s premises. These pre-acceptance checks are regarded as current best practice.

To guide you through this process and complete your duty of care we will provide you with:

  • A pre-acceptance audit to determine your various waste streams and the appropriate methods of disposal
  • Correct classification of all your waste and advice regarding EWC codes
  • The most appropriate packaging for your waste types and frequency of collection.
  • Records stored on file and required information passed to final disposal sites
  • An annual review of all the above to help you maintain compliance with legislation

You can download a copy of the Environment Agencies ‘Clinical Waste Pre-Acceptance Producer Update’ Briefing Note.

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