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Waste Legislation

Free On-Site Survey

Advice and training on regulation compliance

To help ensure your waste management procedures comply with clinical waste legislation we offer a free on-site survey of your current processes. This step-by-step survey assesses each stage of your waste management practices, identifying any areas that may require attention. This helps to ensure your compliance with legislation in accordance with the controls set out by the regulatory bodies.

Further to this, we are able to provide online training on clinical waste management to help ensure you and your employees are fully aware of their responsibilities and ensures that any changes to procedures are followed and reported on, in line with the legislation.

As a producer of any controlled waste in the UK, it is your legal responsibility under your Duty of Care to ensure the correct and proper management of the waste you generate.

Within the UK there are a number of regulatory bodies that control the management of healthcare waste these include the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England, the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, The Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales and in Northern Ireland The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority.

These bodies inspect and audit hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries, dental practices and other care services to certify that the correct practice of collection, classification, segregation, storage, handling, transport, treatment and disposal of waste are in place and comply with legislation.

The introduction of these inspections and the potential to have any failings visible on the relevant bodies’ website means our free on site survey and additional training provides you with peace of mind that all your waste management processes have been assessed in accordance with legislation and regulatory standards.

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