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Contingency & Emergency Planning

Giving you complete peace of mind

Of course, things may not always go as planned. But in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you can have full peace of mind in Initial Medical’s contingency and emergency planning. We have clear procedures in place that will efficiently manage any mishaps, to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Once our Service Manager has assessed the situation, they will be in touch with a prompt solution.

Initial Medical has a wealth of resources it can draw on for all kinds of scenarios, from travel problems caused by traffic, to extra cover for holiday and sickness. We have a pool of professional technicians available and if we have to make any unplanned changes to our service, we will let you know as soon as we can and typically in advance.

If the situation is more serious and the driver can’t make it at all, the service manager has the opportunity to draw on our additional resources:

Our other service technicians based at the same branch

Our service technicians based at a nearby branch

Qualified service technicians at one of our sister companies

Efficient procedures deliver your clinical waste services

As part of the contingency planning procedure, we provide cover for holiday and sickness. As the service quality leader in our industry, we have a pool of service technicians available in case of absence – whether planned or unplanned. We’ll always try to let you know in advance of any such change.

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