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News 2017

Brits need toilet training

Study by Initial Washroom Hygiene reveals a lack of understanding that what is flushed down the toilet could end up in waterways or damage sewer systems

4 Hand Hygiene Failures

With 80% of viruses and most bacteria transmissible by touch, poor hand hygiene practices greatly increase the risk of illnesses spreading throughout the office

Don't let hygiene slip this festive season

Keeping hygiene standards in your hotel up to scratch is crucial in preventing viruses moving around the building, and infecting staff and guests.

Winter Hygiene

Viruses are more easily spread in the workplace during colder months when the heating tends to be turned on and windows closed, providing the perfect conditions for infections to thrive in the office.

Tea Run

From mugs and kettles to the tea bag tin and sugar pot, Initial Washroom Hygiene’s swabbing study finds the workplace tea run can be a bacterial minefield