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Sensing hand hygiene – the future of washrooms


What do you do when you’re heading to the bathroom?

IMG - Sensing hand hygiene – the future of washrooms


Do you finish your business and wander out without a care in the world, or do you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water?

Well, we’ve been doing our research and found a startling number of you won’t do the latter.

With our Europe-wide survey of 100,000 people we’ve unearthed some disgusting facts.

For instance, 62 per cent of men never bother to wash their hands after using the bathroom, compared with 40 per cent of women.

It’s a filthy statistic and one we’re hoping to help remedy with our latest innovation.

Using the latest in bleeding-edge tech, we’re proposing to shame people into effective hygiene.

We’ve been developing the latest in hygiene aid technology, what we’re calling Hygiene Connect.

With a series of sensors, we’ll be able to monitor bathroom doors to see how many people are washing their hands after the using the toilet.

This anonymous data will then be relayed onto LCD screens in bathrooms, giving users a friendly reminder to stop spreading their faecal bacteria.

As germs spread at an alarming rate, it’s a pity that people have to be cajoled into an effective routine. But with our gentle nudges, we hope that menand women will use their washrooms more effectively.