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Winter is coming – and so is the flu bug


Enter a doctor’s office over the next few months and you’re guaranteed to see one thing. Crowded in droves on waiting room couches and chairs, the elderly await their flu jabs.



As winter rears its head, the flu bug becomes more of a threat, infecting hundreds of thousands of people every year. And those in vulnerable positions are most at risk.

As that sudden fever kicks in, your body could reach temperatures of 38C. You’ll shiver while sweltering, cough while your muscles ache; your appetite will disappear while your stomach is empty.

Although most healthy adults can withstand this punishment for a few days, an elderly relative or malleable youth could be seriously affected – sometimes fatally so.

But while these high-risk cases must be given jabs ASAP, it won’t temper the spread to the rest of us.

But the adult world can halt the bug effectively with these simple steps.

  • DON’T head to work if you’ve got the flu. Your employer will thank you later.
  • DO stay topped up with vitamins.
  • DON’T shake someone’s hand if you don’t have to.
  • DO wash your hands as often as possible.

A healthy employee won’t stay that way for long without the right kind of hygiene services. So, to stop the flu bug plaguing your workplace, invest in effective washroom services and know when to stay absent this winter.