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Shaving time off your toilet trip: the new cost saver for businesses?


Do you regularly head for a washroom break in your office, simply to bunk off from work for a while? Then you’re a worker among many – and one business in the US is finding a way to halt you in your toilet-trip tracks.



The WaterSaver Faucet Company, according to news site NBC News, has implemented a tracking system limiting workers to six minutes a day in their washroom.

It’s a claim that’s been disputed by representatives of the company, yet it still raises an interesting question – exactly how much time do you need to stay clean in your washroom?

Depending on how long your toilet use takes, you could be limiting your hand washing by a dramatic degree. And, in turn, you’d be limiting the number of germs you can remove from your hands.

So, by curbing the amount of time allowed in a washroom, employers are also putting a cap on how clean their employees can be.

If hygiene drops below a desirable level within a business, companies leave themselves open to germs, bacteria and diseases swarming through the ranks of their employees, causing illness and absence.

So, don’t place restrictions on your employee’s washroom time. Instead, let them clean themselves in a happier, healthier and more hygienic environment.