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Shame: could it be the key to good hygiene?


We don’t normally associate humiliation with positivity. In fact, any number of us will go out of our way to avoid being the butt of jokes. But what if you could embarrass your employees into maintaining a healthy hygiene schedule?



According to news publication The Atlantic, there have been a number of products aimed at nudging medical professionals towards antibacterial soap and water – and they’re becoming more sophisticated by the day.

One of these devices is a badge made by US company Biovigil. In essence, it attempts to shame users into washing their hands at regular intervals.

When a doctor or nurse, say, enters a new portion of a hospital, the badge will flash yellow and make a light chirping noise to alert everyone in the vicinity that they’ve not washed their hands. If they fail to wash their hands in the allotted time, the badge flashes red and makes a disapproving noise.

After the doctor or nurse waves a freshly washed hand in front of the badge, alcohol vapours are detected which turn the light from red to green, and switches off that humiliating sound.

Every badge is hooked up to a centralised database which keeps a log of who is or isn’t scrubbing those digits.

It’s a prestige system aiming to shame employees into doing the right thing. Whether you agree with it as a strategy or think breeding cooperation through education is a better plan, it’s heartening to know that strides are being made to give you the choice.

No matter what method you choose to keep employees in line, we’ll always have the best washrooms for you – so give our range a gander.