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Prepare your office hygiene plan for those falling leaves


As the suns of summer recede, the browning leaves are drifting from the trees. Autumn is coming – and with it the colder weather.



We’re not exactly awaiting a dramatic, Game of Thrones-style cold snap, but the dramatic drop in temperatures can, for many, lead to illness and the spreading of germs amongst those who can’t adjust quickly enough.

While the wind grows heavier, for instance, the part of the brain that regulates heat (known as the hypothalamus) can be given a shock, leading to an increase in head colds and flu.

Naturally, this is the crisis point for workplace hygiene. The moment when germs proliferate is when absences increase. So what can your business do to ensure that the dampening weather doesn’t dampen profits?

  1. Keep your thermostats in check. Provided your office stays at room temperature, the body will be able to regulate itself much better. It’s the extremes of cold and heat that affect the body, so try to keep your thermostat on the level.
  2. Know when your employees shouldn’t work. While you naturally want a workforce willing to battle through the elements to deliver a good job, be prepared to send a worker home if they’re all choked up. The germs they could spread will do far more damage than a few days off.
  3. Tackle infection hotspots. The communal kitchen sponge, washrooms, crumb infested keyboards – without a thorough antibacterial scrub, they’ll inevitably make your employees ill.

Your hygiene should, of course, be a high priority all year round. But during those curious peaks and troughs that come with the changing of the seasons, extra vigilance is a must. For more information and friendly tips, check out the rest of our site.