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The Powerful Health Benefits of Good Hand Hygiene


Did you know that more people around the world have access to mobile phones than to toilets?

Although figures are close at around 4.5bn respectively, it seems we’re more concerned with talking and tweeting than we are about global sanitation needs.

Indeed, the importance of the toilet cannot be underestimated, with a combined 20bn daily flushes and 80bn litres of water passing through the world’s loos.

Considering how much we rely on our trusty toilet, however, it’s somewhat surprising that hand hygiene levels in the UK are far from exemplary.

In fact, research suggests that faecal matter can be found on just over a quarter of our hands, with 11 per cent of hands so “grossly contaminated” they’re carrying as many germs as a dirty toilet bowl.

Brits Ignore Importance of Hand Washing

Alarmingly, a study by Harvard University found only 53 per cent of people bothered to wash their hands more regularly during the swine flu pandemic in 2009, with Britain one of the worst offenders.

While women tend to wash their hands more than men, scientists have found a more varied selection of germs living on females.

However, those who are washing their hands are typically doing it wrong.

The most effective way to wash your mitts is by using soap and ensuring you scrub all areas of your hands and wrists, which should take you the same length of time as singing two verses of Happy Birthday.

Here at Initial Washroom Services, we’re well aware of the risks of poor hand hygiene, which is why we offer a variety of products designed to help you, your staff and your customer guard against bacteria.

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