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How the cash in your pocket could make you ill


It might not occur to you as it jangles around your pocket, but your cash is harbouring a raft of harmful germs and bacteria.



This comes as credit card company MasterCard held a survey finding that only one in five people wash their hands after handling bank notes and coins. Surveying more than 9,000 people across 12 European countries, it’s yet another sign that people need increased education in hygiene practice.

It’s hardly surprising – when you’re out and about spending cash, the last thing on your mind is the cleanliness of your hands.

Psychologist Donna Dawson has even claimed that, because of money’s links with wealth and success, we find it difficult to associate any negative connotations with it, let alone think of our hard-earned cash as a harbinger of bacteria.

But, according to research carried out by MasterCard and Oxford University, a single bank note contains more than 26,000 germs. Just imagine it – a single note passed from unwashed hand to unwashed hand, a new influx of germs adding to the mass with every exchange.

That’s not even mentioning the number of ill people handling cash. According to national publication TIME Magazine, paper money can transport a live flu virus for up to 17 days.

Our advice to keep yourself safe from your cash is simple – keep your hands clean by washing them regularly. If you’re a business handling cash regularly, invest in one of our specially tailored washrooms to ensure your employees stay hygiene safe in their day-to-day activities.