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How much you flush – and other toilet facts


Toilets have been hitting the headlines this week, as a new video from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation told us a few flushable facts.



Showing on news site The Guardian, the video is a light-hearted eye-opener to let us know how many people live without a toilet in the world. And what an eye-opener it is – more people in the world own a mobile phone than a toilet.

Globally, around 2.5 billion people live without even basic lavatory facilities, while those with toilets collectively flush enough times in a day to fill 32,000 Olympic swimming pools.

In addition to this, those without toilets spend longer searching for a safe place to defecate than the entire world does watching YouTube.

They’re facts that really make you appreciate what you’ve got. Having the most effective hygiene facilities for home and business use alike is paramount the world over, cutting down on disease and infection, so invest in the best today.