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Filthy Towers – hotel rooms fail to make the hygiene grade


Filthy Towers – hotel rooms fail to make the hygiene grade

It might not seem like the most appetising place to eat but, as discovered in a recent survey, your hotel bathroom could be the most hygienic part of your room.

According to a report from risk assessment company Check Safety First, the hotels tested had seldom-changed bed linens and a raft of other germ-infested surfaces.


Using Relative Light Units (RLU) to detect germs, the company found that 75 per cent of hotel rooms they audited failed to meet acceptable hygiene standards.

Scouring the bathroom, they found that toilet seats had an average of 34 RLU, while showers contained an average of 44 RLU.

But compare this to the rest of the room – tea-making facilities contained 277 RLU, light switches 127 RLU and telephones held a whopping 207 RLU – and you’ll find that you might want to spend more time in your washroom to stay fit and healthy in a hotel.

Mark Harrington, chief executive of Check Safety First, said of the report, “Hotels at all levels need to increase room hygiene scrutiny as even a full team of cleaning staff can miss hazardous bacteria.

“How many of us have been ill on holiday and put it down to the food we ate when actually it could be from harmful bacteria lurking in your hotel room?”

It’s a wakeup call for any hotel owners with poor hygiene standards – if you’re failing to meet a high level of cleanliness in your hotel, you could be risking the health of your customers, staff and the reputation of your business.

So, give Initial a call today to upgrade your hotel washrooms and gain advice on optimal hygiene practices.