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Mud Sticks – And So Should Good Hand Hygiene


It may sound incongruous, but dirt and hygiene can ac


tually complement each other and help play a pivotal role in a child’s pre-school learning.

According to professionals at The Spanish Nursery and Children’s Centre for culture and Language, the difference between insanitary and mucky varies depending on the context.

In an interview with, the director of child welfare at the nursery, Carmen Rampersad, said: “There is a difference between messy and unhygienic play and it is important to keep that in mind.

“Hands full of dirt whilst in the middle of gardening is very different than unwashed hands at lunchtime or dirty toys that children play with. As long as the basic rules of hygiene are being adhered to then there are only benefits from messy play!”

While messy play is encouraged, the nursery understands that teaching good hand hygiene habits and methods is crucial. Indeed, the children’s parents are even brought in to collaborate with nursery staff, making sure that hand hygiene standards are maintained at home.

As Ms Rampersad continues: “If we can influence them from an early age to wash their hands it will help to ensure that this practice becomes a lifelong habit.”

Here at Initial Hygiene, we’re well aware of the risks poor hand hygiene can pose to children and adults, which is why we offer washroom facilities designed to help keep nasty bacteria and infections at bay.

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