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Keep your kitchen safe with the help of Food Safety Week


You might have a penchant for Recycle Now Week, National Insect Week, National School Grounds Week or even World Heart Rhythm Week, but there’s only one national week we’re interested in – Food Safety Week.



Set up by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Food Safety Week takes place from the 16th-22nd June and aims to raise awareness of food safety to combat germs and fight infection.

This year, Food Safety Week is focusing on the correct way to prepare chicken, stating that people should NOT wash chicken. Rinsing poultry under a sink, according to the FSA, is likely to splash the bacteria Campylobacter onto work surfaces, that causes more than 280,000 cases of food poisoning every year.  

Instead, simply bung your chicken in the oven and allow the high temperatures to neutralise any nasty germs and bacteria. Also be sure to clean all utensils thoroughly after food preparation. This will avoid cross contamination and the risk of bacteria mutating into something even more dangerous.

In a report from national newspaper The Guardian, FSA chief executive Catherine Brown said, "Although people tend to follow recommended practice when handling poultry, such as washing hands after touching raw chicken and making sure it is thoroughly cooked, our research has found that washing raw chicken is also common practice.

“That's why we're calling on people to stop washing raw chicken and also raising awareness of the risks of contracting Campylobacter as a result of cross-contamination."

If you’re working in a restaurant, the need for high standards of hygiene is even more important. Without it, you’re risking the FSA slapping you with fines or even closure. Hundreds of restaurants are handed poor ratings, fines or closures every month by the FSA – don’t make yours one of them.

So, pay heed to advice doled out on Food Safety Week, apply them to your business or home and, most of all, stay hygienic in every way you can.