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Fluoride in water – will it help our nation’s hygiene


Fluoride in water – will it help our nation’s hygiene?

The government has caused quite a stir in the hygiene sector, with new recommendations to implement fluoride into the nation’s water supply sparking a bitter debate in the press.

On one side, you have the argument that water fluoridation will lead to cleaner teeth and better dental hygiene in the populace.


But, a number of people are concerned about the effect fluoride will have on the nation’s water supply, as well as any health defects that mass consumption of fluoride might cause.

However, the side against fluoridation currently have scientific evidence against them.

Any health defects connected to fluoride, such as hip fractures and kidney stones, have been disputed by a report from the government body Public Health England, who stated that there is "no evidence of harm to health in fluoridated areas".

More than this, evidence from other countries has shown that water fluoridation actually improved health.

The water supply in Ireland, for example, has been fluoridated since the 1960s, creating a nation where dental health significantly improved. And, in a recent report from the BBC, it was confirmed that 45 per cent fewer children aged one to four were admitted to hospital in fluoridated areas.

Yet, this mounting evidence hasn’t stopped public dismay at the idea of fluoride in the water supply. Despite proof to the contrary, recent attempts to alter the water supply in Hampshire received steely opposition, with many still concerned about potential health risks.

Whatever the outcome, a dose of fluoride in toothpaste could give you a brighter smile. Whether you’re for or against fluoride in your water supply, use the right washroom to add all-round hygiene to your dental hygiene.