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Stop filthy employees in their tracks – in the name of profit


It’s early Monday morning and you’re trudging into your office. But, little do you know, you’ve just collected thousands of bacteria on your hands – simply by touching your workplace door handle.



According to research from the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), the British economy could save £13.7 billion if office hygiene standards are improved. But with some staff members willing to sit happily in their own germs and body odour, it could prove to be a tricky task.

Trying to convert staff in your business to effective hygiene practice can be tricky, and sometimes it’ll feel like trying to kick water uphill – especially for the less, shall we say, naturally clean of your employees.

But without effective hygiene, that dent in your wallet will only grow deeper. So how can you persuade employees to clean up their act?

Get in the game

Gamification is the process of turning day-to-day chores into interesting or compelling “games”, generally by implementing a reward system. Like a loyalty card in a supermarket, getting even a small tinge of achievement can add a sense of pizzazz to an employee’s day.

By adding a game element to effective hygiene – possibly via some device that tracks hand-washing – your employees will be increasingly motivated to keep themselves clean.

Make a memo

While you don’t want to be overly blunt in an office memo concerning hygiene, sending out a mass email containing a few cleanliness facts, hand-washing tips and ways to keep desks tidy can prove invaluable to those not quite in the know.

Just make sure you don’t sound overly accusatory – the last thing a member of staff wants is their boss singling them out for body odour.

Hire a cleaner who’s cleaner

Certain cleaners skimp on their duties so effectively that it’s a wonder your workplace isn’t drowning in dust. Like a well-trained cipher, the worst cleaners are pros at holding a cloth and milling about the office, but never actually do any cleaning.

However, this shirking of responsibility is potentially costing your company thousands of pounds, so make sure your cleaner shapes up or ships out.

For the ideal way to keep a clean office, have a gander at some of our washroom products. They’ll be almost guaranteed to neutralise those smellier soap-dodgers and help towards an office free of illness.