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Executive hygiene: Obama’s Chipotle faux pas


President Barack Obama has fallen afoul of the media again this week, but not for any new political wrangle – this time, he’s ignored basic health and hygiene.

In an impromptu visit to American fast food chain Chipotle, Obama was snapped leaning over a glass “sneezeguard” as he ordered his food. This hygiene faux pas soon went viral, with thousands of tweeters joking about the president’s cleaning habits.

But if the most powerful man in the world doesn’t know how to stay hygiene aware in a restaurant, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Indeed, with the number of people filing in and out of a restaurant every day, it’s inevitable that at least a few of them won’t wash their hands, cover their mouth when they sneeze or clean up spills and stains on their table.

And if you’re in a restaurant with filthy people, you’ll be put off your food quicker than an Obama photo going viral. Cleanliness beats taste every time, and you don’t want your grade-A cuisine ruined by filthy hands or bacteria-ridden grub.

That’s why we have specially designed washrooms and hygiene equipment to make your restaurant clean enough for even a presidential visit. So give them a look for better, cleaner meals.