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Boosting hand hygiene with the Royal Society for Public Health


The implications of poor hand hygiene are great, far-reaching and potentially even fatal – so much so that the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) held a conference last April in London to focus on the issue in greater depth.


Playing host to more than 60 representatives of hygiene companies, hospital trusts, local authorities and retail giants, the conference focused on the theme of “The science and behaviour behind hand washing at home, work and on the move”.

While it didn’t provide any revelations, it reminded those present of the important work required to boost hygiene awareness on a local and global scale.

One of the major topics on display was the lack of serious media exposure on the subject. In one of many presentations, Dr Valerie Curtis stated, “International attention is not focused on diarrhoea or hand hygiene – it is focused on water treatment.

"But hand washing with soap could save 650,000 lives a year globally. It could help prevent SARS, AIDS, cholera, pandemic flu and malnutrition."

The RSPH has good form when it comes to raising hygiene awareness in the public community, with their next talk in June entitled “The power of relationships in influencing the publics’ health”, focusing on how public influence can change the way people think of hygiene.

With more events such as the talks from the RSPH, we can only hope that a greater level of awareness is raised to prevent illness both here in the UK and worldwide. If you want your business to add to the hygiene boom, contact us and up your washroom services game.