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Laying down the law in your washroom – basic legislation


Laying down the law in your washroom – basic legislation

Your office’s hygiene won’t just benefit your employees – if you don’t have a sanitary washroom, you could fall foul of the law.


Indeed, as the world becomes more aware of the benefits of good hygiene, the UK government has introduced an increasing number of rules to help businesses stop the spread of germs.

The Environment Protection Act 1990, for example, dictates that employers have an obligation to provide suitable waste facilities and means of washing for their staff.

In another piece of legislation, namely the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, a number of rules are outlined if you want a clean washroom and a passing grade from hygiene regulators.

For instance, in the case of hand dryers, “Washing facilities...must include towels or other suitable means of drying".

In the same piece of legislation it’s also noted that your air purification, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders and water management systems should be up to scratch in your washroom.

It’s just one of many specific pieces of guidance for employers that will make sure your ladies’ and gents’ toilets aren’t just up to their personal standards, but the standards of the law.

If you want to get your washroom in line with regulations and keep your employees happy and healthy, contact Initial today.