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Smell of Success: The Value of Keeping a Washroom Fragrant


A recent study has revealed humans can tell apart at least one trillion olfactory stimuli, outstripping our other senses in the number of different stimuli it can discriminate.

According to Science journal, researchers at Rockefeller University have set straight the myth that humans are terrible smellers, prompting boffins to claim we should spend more time smelling than ever before.


Indeed, smell is the first of our senses to be flicked on when we’re born, with the things we breathe in through our noses deeply connected to our emotional state, influencing our behaviour in untold ways.

On an animalistic level, smell is crucial when weighing up whether there’s an attraction between two people, with research in this area suggesting body odours help us subconsciously choose potential partners.

In addition, our sense of smell is inextricably linked with recall, as so-called “fragrant flashbacks” evoke autobiographical memories of various periods in our lives associated with that particular odour.

When it comes to keeping your washroom fragrant, then, the importance of smell cannot be denied.

Here at Initial Washroom Services, we offer a range of air fresheners and purifiers to help reassure visitors that your washroom is clean, minimise unpleasant odours, and ultimately create a positive view of your business.

Whether it’s Peach Nectar, English Lavender or Sweet Mandarin, you can be sure that our on-trend fragrances will tackle odours and guarantee your customers never associate a disagreeable smell with your organisation.

If you’d like to learn more about keeping your washroom smelling fresh, please get in touch with a member of our team today – we’re always happy to help.