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Dyson unveils new Airblade Tap


Dyson, the British engineering group who brought us the Dyson Airblade hand dryer, has unveiled a new hot and cold water tap that has an integrated high speed hand dryer.

Dyson Airblade Tap

The firm’s founder, Sir James Dyson, said that the new tap offered long-term savings over hot air hand dryers and paper towels, and claims its annual running costs are a fifth of those for a conventional hand dryer.

The new Airblade tap claims to dry visitor’s hands in just 12 seconds and eliminates the need to walk across the washroom to a hand dryer.

The new tap consists of a unit placed beneath the sink which contains a motor, HEPA air filter, sound silencing equipment and pipes carrying the water, electrics, and air to the stainless steel tap unit that the water flows out of and the unheated air jets out of at 430mph.

The tap utilises Dyson’s revolutionary new motor that uses an electromagnetic field, rather than carbon brushes, to accelerate from standstill to up to 100,000 revolutions per minute within 0.7 seconds.

Dyson commented that during the new Airblade taps development they simulated hand washing 213million times and that in its lifetime the digital motor is able to shift enough air to fill 26million party balloons.

Infrared sensors within the tap detect where the visitor’s hands are placed, if under the tap’s centre water comes out, if the hands are placed under the sides of the tap the air jets are triggered.

The two wing like additions to the tap channel high velocity air to literally scrape water from the hands and into the sink.