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Initial launches the revolutionary UltraProtect™ range


UltraProtect offers effective, long lasting protection for hands and surfaces, killing 99.9% of germs

The Washroom Hygiene division of Initial, one of the leading UK hygiene and washroom services companies and sponsor of Global Handwashing Day 2011, has announced the launch of its UltraProtect range following a four year-long development process by partners Byotrol.

UltraProtect Range Image

UltraProtect is a highly convenient range of hand and surface sanitising products for commercial and public use, featuring a gel hand sanitizer, a foam hand sanitizer, and handy packs of hand and surface wipes.

The UltraProtect launch follows recent warnings by the Global Handwashing Day Coalition, that includes Initial Washroom Hygiene, on poor hand hygiene levels in the UK.

Dr. Peter Barratt, Technical Manager at Initial Washroom Hygiene, comments: “We were delighted to be part of Global Handwashing Day Coalition in 2011. Both the Global Handwashing Day and our own research demonstrates the importance of effective hygiene and the Byotrol-powered UltraProtect range offers businesses a practical way of protecting their employees and customers, helping to combat the spread of illness.”

The UltraProtect range kills 99.9% of germs and offers longer lasting protection than traditional alcohol-based cleaners: providing continuous protection for up to six hours on hands and 24 hours on hard surfaces.

Good hygiene, specifically hand hygiene, can bring very real financial benefits to businesses by helping to prevent illnesses that cost them money through staff absenteeism.

Initial’s UltraProtect range offers employees a simple, effective way of making sure their hands and working surfaces are clean. This illustrates Initial’s ongoing commitment to offering a complete hygiene service to businesses, using industry leading expertise to help stop the spread of germs in offices and public places across the globe.

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