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Period Poverty solutions for the private sector

Menstrual hygiene has received a lot of news coverage recently. Although the government has passed legislation to fund the fight against Period Poverty in schools, the private sector has also sought to provide menstrual hygiene products for free. Having a professional and hygienic means of dispensing these products is essential.

Our new FreeVend is a great way for businesses to tackle Period Poverty. Holding both sanitary towels and tampons means the large FreeVend sits comfortably in the communal washroom area and provides sanitary products for high-traffic private sector businesses.

Refills provide the reassurance of well-known brands

Holds both towels and tampons for user convenience

Large enough to cater for communal private sector washrooms


  • Height 590mm
  • Depth 90mm
  • Width 260mm


  • 5.9kg


  • 21 Kotex
  • 29 Tampax Super/Compact

Recommended product location

  • Wall mounted
  • Communal washroom area


  • Customer must install the dispenser.


  • White

Outright Purchase


Equipment ownership

Providing these products answers the core concern of Period Poverty. For more information about the issue, please visit our information centre page.

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