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Condom Vending

Essentials in condom vending

Condom machine vending solutions ensure your washroom users are never without the essentials, whilst also helping to cater for those people who might be unprepared.

Installing a condom machine within your washroom can add valuable revenue to your business. Our extensive range of branded condom vending products also ensure brand recognition and trust is established. Condom and vending machines in general are now an essential part of the washroom; users will expect there to be a solution available.

Vending Machine Options

With a strong, robust and secure construction, our range of machines are built to an extremely high standard. This ensures they are able to withstand the rigours of demanding environments, such as clubs and bars, whilst still providing a consistent vending service.

Our wide range of branded condom machine products and machine variations, enable a bespoke vending solution to be tailored to the specific needs of your washroom and budget.

Our condom machine solutions also provide the opportunity to add visual impact to your washroom. With specially designed branded machine imagery, visual impact is created while highlighting the products available from the condom machine.

We supply a wide range of branded condom machine products that are specifically designed to suit our condom machines. These products include -

  • Mates natural condoms
  • Mates variety condoms
  • Mates Xtra Pleasure ribbed condoms

Condom Vending Service Options

Full Service

Pay As You Go

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Initial will install, service and maintain the machine
  • Nationwide team of dedicated vending engineers
  • Fully trained engineers trained to carry out repairs on site as and when required
  • Smart stock management system allows us to forecast demand based on prior usage.


  • Self service option for washrooms with low footfall or those with the resources to maintain the machine themselves
  • Initial will install and maintain the machine
  • Customer responsibility to purchase and replace product refills.

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