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Vending Machine Refills

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Vending Machine Refills

Our extensive range of vending refills is regularly updated with innovative products that respond to customer needs.

We offer standard refill configurations tailored towards the requirements of different genders, locations and businesses. For greater flexibility, our Multi Vend allows custom configurations for over 40 well known products.

Sanitary products

Sanitary products are as integral to any vending machine as they are to the users in need. Our comprehensive product range has everything the modern washroom requires, including:

  • Organic towels
  • Organic tampons
  • Male incontinence shields
  • Male incontinence pads


We offer a full range of products for male washrooms that ensure your safety and comfort.

  • A variety of condom designs
  • Other relevant accessories

Personal Care & Hygiene

These products will help you to get a difficult day back on track. Whether you’re struggling with a headache or a dead phone battery, our vending machine refills will be able to help.

  • Recyclable phone chargers
  • Pain relief
  • Deodorant

Baby Care

When you don’t have the right products for your child, nothing is more important than quickly accessing what you need.

  • Nappies
  • Wet wipe
  • Pain relief

Our recommendations

Throughout our years of experience in the Vending sector, we have developed a number of configurations which answer your user's needs.

Dual Vend options:

  • Gents Washroom - Condoms & Stimulant OR Condoms & Mints

  • Ladies Washroom - Condoms & Dual Sani-pack (towels and tampons) OR Mints & Dual Sani-pack (towels and tampons)

* Due to shelf space no changes can be made to the above configurations.

Multi Vend options:

  • Pubs/Nightclubs Gents Washroom - Condoms & Dots & Ribbed Condoms & Stimulant (x 2 shelves) & Deodorant (x 2 shelves) & Stim Ring & Mints & Pain relief

  • Pubs/Nightclubs Ladies Washroom - Sanitary towels & Tampons & Nurofen & Vibrating Stim Ring & Natural Condoms & Dots & Ribbed Condoms  & Stimulant & Mints & Deodorant

  • Fitness/Health Clubs Gents Washroom - Deodorant & Shower Gel & Earphones & Pain relief & Mints & Hair Gel & Get Set Teeth & Shampoo & Foldable Hairbrush

  • Fitness/Health Clubs Washroom - Sanitary towels & Tampons & Pain relief & Mints & Shampoo & Conditioner & Earphones &  Shower Gel & Foldable Hairbrush

  • Phone charger machine - Recyclable iPhone charger & Recyclable Android charger

  • Laundry machine - Laundry detergent & Fabric softener

  • Male incontinence machine - Shield & Protector

* Subject to change/product review/availability.