scalpel blade removal system

Scalpel Blade Removal System

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Scalpel Blade Removal System

Manage your sharps waste safely and efficiently with Initial’s specialist Qlicksmart BladeFLASK scalpel blade removal system. Qlicksmart uses a ‘push and click’ system and ensures optimal safety based on speed and convenience for the end-user, providing the most efficient solution to managing scalpel blades used in your practice.

The unit is secured by a reusable mounting bracket, eliminating the need to hold or brace the container when in use. This bracket enables the sharps bin to be positioned at point of use (wall, bench, or trolley mounted), making single-handed blade removal, storage, and disposal as simple as ‘push and click’.


Why is Having a Safe Scalpel Removal System Important?

1. Staff and Public Safety

Handling blades and scalpels poses a sharps injury risk, and improper disposal can lead to accidental injuries. Using a proper scalpel blade remover helps to protect healthcare professionals, laboratory technicians, and other personnel from accidental cuts or punctures, reducing the risk of bloodborne infections and other injuries from further exposure.

2. Preventing Contamination

Scalpels are used in various medical procedures, including surgeries and laboratory work. Proper and safe disposal ensures that any potential contaminants on the blade or handle do not come into contact with individuals or the surrounding environment. This is particularly crucial in sterile environments.

3. Maintaining Integrity

Scalpels are precision instruments, and mishandling during removal can lead to damage or dulling of the blade. Proper disposal techniques using a blade remover help preserve the integrity of the instruments, ensuring they remain effective and efficient for their intended use.

4. Comply with Regulations

Scalpels are a type of sharps waste. The Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 identifies clinical waste as controlled waste and therefore requires proper disposal under The Environmental Protection Act 1990. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal penalties, fines, or even the suspension of healthcare facility operations. Proper scalpel disposal ensures compliance and avoids legal consequences.

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Scalpel Blade Removal System Features

scalpel blade removal system

For the safe management and storage of scalpel blades

  • Single-handed scalpel blade remover
  • Built-in puncture proof sharps container
  • Multi-use scalpel blade remover unit with 100 blade capacity per unit
  • Shuts off mechanism at maximum capacity to avoid overfilling
  • Secured by a reusable mounting bracket
  • Can be positioned at the point of use (wall, bench, or trolley mounted)