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Sanitary Waste Legislation

Safe disposal of sanitary waste

Sanitary waste disposal within the UK is governed by legislation. This ensures sanitary waste is disposed of in a safe and hygienic manner. The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation 1992 recommends that all businesses should ensure all female toilets are provided with a suitable method for disposing of sanitary waste.

Sanitary Waste Legislation

Additionally, The Water Industries Act 1991 stipulates that no sanitary waste is to be flushed away as it can damage sewers and drains. Coupled with The Environmental Protection Act 1990, which imposes a Duty of Care on organisations that produce, keep or dispose of controlled waste including sanitary waste, it becomes clear that proper facilities must be provided to deal with this waste.

Sanitary Waste Legislation

  • The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992
  • The Water Industries Act 1991
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990

To ensure your business isn’t breaking these regulations, Initial Hygiene's feminine hygiene waste disposal service adheres to all legislation by ensuring the safe and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste. All waste transfer documentation is supplied to provide your evidence of compliance. This ensures your visitors, customers and employees know you take this sensitive issue seriously.

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