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Roller Towels

A comfortable, fast and quiet hand drying solution

Our ever popular form of hand drying roller towels are strong, offer excellent absorbency, and are very effective at removing bacteria from wet hands.

As businesses are obliged by the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 to provide a suitable means of hand drying, roller towels provide an economical and environmentally friendly solution. They provide a convenient and low-maintenance option for when there is no available power source or when limiting noise and waste is a priority.

White Roller Towel

White Washroom Roller Towel from Initial

Available in two different sizes to cater for all types of washrooms, our roller towels utilise our unique dispensers that allow a fresh proportion of the towel to be quietly dispensed for each visitor. The internal mechanisms of the dispenser further improve hygiene levels by separating the clean and dirty sections of the towel, preventing cross contamination.

The robust and durable design and construction of the dispenser ensures that heavy and frequent use of the roller towel can be sustained with usage checked quickly and simply through the transparent reservoir. This helps ensure a constant and consistent service can be provided. Our service also delivers freshly laundered towels to your door each week, providing your washroom with a cost effective, hygienic hand drying solution.


Clean portion of towel dispensed for each visitor

Individual compartment for clean and soiled towel

Clear view reservoir to help check towel usage

No associated washroom waste

Robust construction makes it vandal resistant and durable

Lockable to prevent theft

Complies with relevant legislation

Available in white or silver finishes


  • Height 500.8mm
  • Width 420.1mm
  • Depth 278.8mm


  • one standard 200 use linen roller towel


  • ABS


  • 5.3kg

Linen roller towels are available in blue or white

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Initial offer varying delivery and collection frequencies to suit your operation with the option for a service technician to change the roll or yourselves.

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  • Protection

    Integral antibacterial technology helps prevent the spread of germs
  • Design

    Distinct compartments for the clean and soiled roller towel provides protection against cross contamination
  • Quality

    Robust and durable construction ensures heavy and frequent use of the roller towel can be sustained
  • Service

    Freshly laundered 100% cotton roller towels delivered to your door, providing a hygienic and cost effective solution
  • Consumables

    200 drying portions per standard roller towel