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Offensive Waste Collection

Waste Collection

Wheelie bins for safe and secure storage of Tiger bags prior to collection

For customers with larger waste disposal requirements, Initial Medical Services can supply an array of carefully sourced, customised wheelie bins.

Our standard sizes are 240L domestic size, 360L large domestic size, 770L 4 wheeled small industrial size and 1100L 4 wheeled standard industrial size.

All units come fitted with locks and our industrial sized units have drop down fronts for safer access when used for hazardous waste.

  • Drop-front feature unique to the industry
  • Safe for outside with lock as standard
  • Yellow colour for visibility, avoiding confusion
  • Fully guaranteed unit

  • Provides suitable storage for all types of clinical waste
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Robust and fully lockable
  • Standard sizes: 240L, 360L, 660L, 770L & 1100L
  • Drop front available - reducing manual handling risk

Rear-End Loader

Specialist vehicle for collections of offensive waste and incontinence waste

We have a specialist fleet of vehicles - Rear-end loaders - designed specifically for the collection of offensive waste. These vehicles help to ensure safe manual handling and removal of all waste from wheelie bins – reducing the risk of infection.

  • Specialist vehicle for Care Facility waste collections
  • Ensures all waste is removed from the wheelie bin with no residues
  • Time and cost efficient solution
  • Suitable for 770L & 1100L wheelie bins

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Offensive Waste Bin