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Initial are one of the leading providers of Washroom Hygiene, Vending Machines, Floor Mat Solutions and Medical Waste Management services throughout the UK.

With 120 years of experience in hygiene services, our Washroom Hygiene Experts offer fully-serviced toilet hygiene solutions. Our sanitary bin services, hand dryers and aircare solutions ensure that your business runs smoothly, while you focus on what matters.

With us, you are safe in the knowledge that your reliable sharps and clinical waste services will be handled with care and attention by our Medical Experts.

What’s more, we are committed to delivering our products and services in the most sustainable way, reusing materials and creating more energy-efficient solutions that are kinder to the environment.

Washroom Hygiene and Medical Waste services

Clinical Waste Services

Ensure the safe and compliant storage of clinical waste with Initial's specialist waste bins, bags and wheelie bins.

Dental Waste Services

Run your dental practice smoothly with our waste containers, amalgam separators, waterline management and mercury recovery solutions.

Customer Support

From our inception in 1903, we have always been British owned and innovative, leading to great customer relationships and a position of trust as a UK hygiene company.

Whether you have an invoice, service, general washroom hygiene or healthcare waste query, you can rely on the experts at Initial to help.

Our customers are at the centerpoint of what we do, meaning we have a range of support services to make your life easier. Our reviews speak for themselves! Initial is rated 5 stars on Trustpilot, with a combined 13,000 reviews for both our washroom services and medical waste services.

Washroom Services

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Healthcare Waste Services

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Washroom Services

As one of the UK's leading washroom hygiene services providers, we pride ourselves on our innovative range of hygiene products and solutions that are designed to help break the chain of transmission and support the very highest hygiene standards.

Our washroom services are driven by technological innovations to provide better service visibility and improve customer experience.

At Initial, operating sustainably is a central part of our business model. In everything we do, we aim to mitigate our environmental impact. From using recycled materials in our floor mats, to less plastic in our Signature Lite Eco Mini Sanitary bin, energy-saving hand dryers and introducing electric vehicles to our fleet, providing sustainable hygiene services is important to us.

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Medical Waste services

Ensuring a safe, infection-free environment with hazardous or infectious waste stored correctly is synonymous with customer, patient and staff safety in your business.

We set the standard in infection control and medical waste management in the UK. We keep customers compliant with the complex legislation and audit requirements that surround healthcare facilities.

Technology is integrated into our operations, coupling with our innovative healthcare waste and infection control services and products to provide the best customer experience possible.

All this is done in a sustainable manner. From reducing single-use plastic in our sharps bins and clinical waste bags to using an innovative dental recycling facility, we do all we can to create an eco-friendly service for you.

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Understanding Healthcare Waste Guidance

Our partnerships

Initial is proud to be involved with four key partners, together tackling issues from infection control to washroom dignity.

We have helped ensure the safe return to rugby for Saracens Rugby Club after the COVID-19 restrictions delayed the 2019/20 season. We continue to work closely with them as hygiene partners in the scrummage to keep players, staff and supporters safe. We have a similar partnership with the O2 Arena in London, helping to protect air quality for the many events that take place year-round in the indoor arena and provide easy access for attendees to keep their hands clean.

We are also proudly partnered with Freedom4Girls and with Femme - Tasse. Both of these partnerships address the necessity of a dignified washroom experience for all washroom users. With Freedom4Girls, we support women who struggle with access to period products, whilst providing and encouraging the use of reusable period products through our work with Femme - Tasse.

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