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Nappy Disposal Services

Nappy Waste Service

Safe and secure storage of Tiger bags prior to collection.

The Yellow Wheelie Bin conforms to all European standards (RAL, DIN, CEN) and is constructed from high density polyethylene (HDPE). It features two ergonomic side and rear handles and four swivel castors that allow for maximum mobility even when full. Fully resistant to UV rays, all weather conditions and extreme temperatures.



  • Time and cost efficient solution
  • Provides safe and hygienic storage
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Robust and fully lockable
  • Perfect fro pre-school nurseries


Nappy Waste Disposal Bin

A safe and hygienic nappy bin service is vital in any washroom or baby changing facility. This ensures that sensitive nappy waste is disposed of and managed with care and in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


  • Anti-bacterial Silversafe™ bin supplied
  • Environmentally friendly Hygiene Diffuser contained
  • All waste transfer documentation provided
  • Integral pedal for hands free operation

Parents and carers are often cautious of where they change their baby when out and about. A well maintained and clean environment with a hygienic nappy disposal unit helps to eliminate this apprehension. Good locations with well maintained, well presented, child friendly facilities are frequently discussed amongst parents and carers as favoured places to visit.

Nappy Bin Disposal Service

Initial Hygiene nappy waste disposal service provides your baby changing facility with a modern, stylish, high-capacity bin with a concealed liner retainer, which ensures the bag is not visible from outside the unit.

An integrated pedal for hands-free operation provides your visitors with a convenient and hygienic means to dispose of used nappies whilst enabling both hands to be free to deal with the child.

The Initial hygiene nappy disposal bin is made with anti-bacterial Silversafeâ„¢ plastic that kills bacteria on contact, helping to diminish the risk of cross infection. The unit also has a damped lid that reduces noise and lessens the risk of trapped fingers.

Fragrance and Odour Control

To ensure a hygienic and fresh smelling baby changing area greets your visitors, Initial Hygiene's nappy bin contains a unique, environmentally friendly Hygiene Diffuser. Situated on the underside of the lid, this diffuser contains a mixture of components that counteract the germs and odours associated with nappy waste.

The Hygiene Diffuser eliminates odours by treating the vapour inside the bin whilst killing micro-organisms. It releases a pleasant fragrance into the air around the unit to help ensure a positive environment is presented, and also helps to repel insects in the warmer months.

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