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Entrance Well Matting

Message Mats

Message mats offer immediate appeal

Message mats provide instant eye catching appeal that sets the right first impression, while helping to protect your floors and company reputation.

Message Mats

Available in 7 different designs covering a large number of applications such as entrance mats and in front of vending machine or water coolers the message mats provide an ideal solution to enhance your company image and premises.

Message Mats - Benefits

  • Message mats help to prevent slips and trips occuring within the workplace
  • Revolutionary Superstyrene rubber backing ensures the message mats consistently lay flat.
  • Message mats help reduce floor cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Fire retardant to standard BS 13501

Message Mat - Solutions

Message mats create a simple but bold and effective statement in your premises, and allow you to communicate key messages. They also contribute to health and safety, as well as reducing your cleaning and maintenance costs.

The three welcome mat designs each provide instant appeal and impact, ensuring the right first impressions when people visit your premises.

As children are adventurous it is essential to prevent unwanted dirt and water from entering your school or nursery. We offer a choice of two vibrantly coloured message mats that help to create a playful learning environment.

Message mats also enable you to highlight and add attraction to your kitchen or drinks area. Placing these message mats in front of water coolers or coffee machines helps to ensure any spills are soaked up. This helps to prevent hazardous slips and trips from occurring within the workplace. Slips and trips could potentially cause damage to your company reputation as well as disruption to your operations.

Message Mats - Technology

Message mats are made with a high performance, revolutionary rubber backing that is temperature resilient, ensuring a mat that consistently lays flat. Its highly absorbent fibre is able to hold up to 6 kilos of dirt and 3 litres of water.

Message Mats - Sizes

  • 85cm x 75cm & 85cm x 150cm (Water & Coffee)
  • 85 cm x 150cm & 115cm x180cm (All Others)