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Closed hospitals – when viruses grow too strong


When viruses grow too strong

When a virus seems uncontainable, when the merest handshake can put everyone at risk – that’s when a hospital has to shut its doors.

This was the situation that Castle Douglas Hospital, Dumfries and Galloway, found itself in after a highly contagious sickness bug struck several patients.

The hospital kept its doors shut for three days as it battled the gastrointestinal infection sweeping the wards. All admissions, transfers and visitors were denied until symptoms cleared and a full and thorough clean-up was finished.

It must be a terrifying situation, being trapped in a hospital ward for three days. But it’s undeniable that the hospital made the right decision when they shut their doors.

Stemming the spread

Containing (and neutralising) a virus is vital to the continued health of patients, health professionals and the general public alike – and our hygiene products are the key to keeping such bacteria at bay in the first place.

With effective hand hygiene and efficient waste disposal, your hospital will decrease any risk of a viral outbreak.

And what of the stomach bug plaguing Castle Douglas Hospital?

According to national tabloid the Daily Record, infection control manager Elaine Ross said, “We can confirm that viral gastroenteritis is circulating in the community.

“We would urge anyone with suspected symptoms to stay at home for at least 48 hours following their last symptom, drink lots of fluid and pay particular attention to hand hygiene with soap and water.”

We urge you to follow her advice if you’re feeling peaky – and we’ll deal with hospital germs.