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The Rise of British Tattoo Parlours


tattoo waste

What do Wayne Rooney, David Beckham and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini have in common? Aside from the obvious connection to football, this illustrious trio are all huge tattoo fans.

Among many others, Rooney has his wife Coleen’s name and a flag of St George, while his former Manchester United teammate Beckham has a tattoo for each of his four children.

As for Ms Fernandez-Versini, it’s been revealed her eye-catching rose tattoo, swathed across her back and behind, cost the same as a small car and took 15 hours to complete. Ouch.

Despite traditionally being the reserve of sailors, bikers and criminals, around one fifth of British adults are now inked – and this means plenty of work for tattooists around the country.

Calling All Tattooists: Dry the Ink on a Clinical Waste Solution

According to Experian, the number of tattoo parlours in Britain has surged 173 per cent over the last 10 years, as a growing number of razor-sharp entrepreneurial artists take a stab at gaining a slice of the body art pie.

But it takes more than fine steel needles and a range of inks to become a bona fide tattooist.

To protect the country’s burgeoning band of tattoo fans, an above board parlour must comply with relevant legislation when dealing with specialist waste. This means segregating waste at the source of disposal to avoid endangering staff.

That’s where we come in. We work with tattoo parlours around the country to provide a full range of waste collection services, dealing with needles, swabs, couch roll and gloves, collaborating with owners to find a sharps disposal solution that meets their needs and keeps them compliant with the most recent legislation.

With the collective itch for tattoos among Brits showing no signs of abating, please get in touch with a member of the team today for more information about drying the ink on your clinical waste management solution – we’d be delighted to help.