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Reducing the risk from scalpel blades in the healthcare industry


Scalpel Blade Removal System

With 8-11% of sharps injuries caused by scalpel blades in healthcare settings, leading to a risk of pain, infection and damage requiring surgery and rehabilitation, as well as emotional distress, it is of vital importance that blades used in the medical industry are disposed of safely.

We are now supplying a world-first solution to the problem in the form of the Qlicksmart BladeFLASK – this single-handed scalpel blade remover prevents the dangerous injuries commonly caused by removing blades with fingers, forceps or re-sheathing.

While most medical practitioners prefer the balance, weight and ergonomics of a reusable steel scalpel handle, removing used blades manually compromises medical staff safety.

The BladeFLASK simple push and click system improves patient safety by enabling practitioners to use ergonomic precision steel scalpels and improves staff safety by ensuring the used scalpel blade is removed with safe single-handed technique and then safely contained until final disposal.

This essential safety solution ensures regulatory compliance, dramatically reduces injury costs and is significantly cheaper than disposable plastic scalpels. It is secured by a mounting bracket so does not need to be held while in use and can be disposed of safely once full. It has an automatic shut off mechanism which activates, preventing any danger of overfilling.


  • Conforms with the following regulations – UN Transport UN3921 and British Standard BS7320:1990 and CE compliant
  • Cost effective
  • Puncture proof storage unit