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Three generations tackle 44 mile cycle ride for charity


Initial Medical team members raise funds for charity Malaria No More

On Sunday 25 May, Ken Moores cycled the 44 mile route from Manchester to Liverpool with his colleagues, father and son Chris and Matt McLaren, and Matt’s 10 year old son Dylan.

The team of four undertook the challenge to raise funds for the charity Malaria No More. They completed the ride in six hours, with colleagues waiting to greet and congratulate them in Liverpool.

Three generations tackle 44 mile cycle ride for charity

Matt says he enjoyed achieving a goal with both his father and his son by his side: “I was so proud of my little lad,” Matt says. “He didn’t complain and went the same speed as we did, and I think he felt better than I did afterwards!” Matt was very pleased to make it through the ride himself, as he is a sufferer of chronic back pain which made it harder to endure.

When they are not cycling, Ken, Chris and Matt work at the Haydock branch of Initial Medical, managing clinical and dental waste disposal for hundreds of businesses and organisations in the north.

Matt has been working for Initial Medical for six years and grew up learning about the company and what it does through his father Chris, who has been with Initial Medical for 27 years.

Ken says he believes working together as colleagues helped them get through the cycle. “We are a team within the company, so we worked the same way when we were out on the road.”

Malaria No More is Initial Medical’s chosen charity for 2014. It is a non-profit organisation with the aim of ending death caused by malaria in Africa.

The team’s goal was to raise £1000 for the charity, which they have not yet reached. To sponsor the team’s ride and donate to Malaria No More, go to