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Research reveals third of trusts breaking sharps rules


Third of Trusts Breaking Sharps Rules

Recent research has revealed a third of hospital trusts in England are not complying with safety regulations designed to slash the risk of needlestick injuries to nurses and other frontline staff.

Despite health and safety rules stemming from a European Union directive, experts found that 33 per cent of trusts do not instruct their staff to use safety devices “wherever possible” in sharps policies.

The information was obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, with safety policies from 159 hospital trusts painting a picture of much still to do, despite extensive advancements.

According to the findings, the majority of trusts are “demonstrating their concern of staff safety with tangible action”, as 84 per cent had made revisions to their sharps policies on the back of the EU directive.

Worryingly, analysts found that 16 per cent of trusts had no plans to review their policies, with the report warning that a lackadaisical attitude to the issue is likely to contribute to a spike in needlesticks injuries.

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