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Scotland’s hospitals urged to continue infection fight


Scotland’s Hospitals Urged to Continue Infection Fight

Despite rigorous efforts to improve cleanliness and infection control procedures in Scotland’s hospitals, inspectors have found standards in some establishments are still not up to scratch.

According to The Herald, inspectors visiting University Hospital Ayr unearthed equipment marked with dried blood and bodily fluids, while patient waiting areas were thick with dust.

Across the board, however, improvements have been made in regards to hygiene and cleanliness, with healthcare associated infections like C. diff and MRSA dropping considerably as a result.

Throughout Scotland, figures actually show the number of folk contracting C. diff infections has been slashed by four-fifths since 2006, with MRSA cases at their lowest level since 2005.

Despite this, the latest inspection at University Hospital Ayr revealed some alarming infringements, with sharps trays, trolleys and bed frames stained with blood and bodily fluids.

In addition, clinical waste bins were besmirched with blood and a hospital porter was spotted emptying a bin without wearing the appropriate protective clothing.

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