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Hospital food in England gets set for a shake up


Hospital Food in England Gets Set For a Shake Up

It’s a long running joke that hospital food is practically inedible. However, under new measures announced by the health secretary, hospitals in England will be expected to provide food of a higher standard.

These new standards will be imposed through legally binding NHS contracts, with a focus on quality, choice and a healthy diet for both patients and staff.

Hospitals will now be ranked – and displayed on the NHS Choices website – according to the quality and selection of food on offer, whether a dietician approves the menu, and on the accessibility of fresh fruit and food between meals.

Under the new rules, patients will also be assessed for malnutrition when admitted to hospital, while staff will have a greater responsibility for ensuring patients are well fed.

Protecting Vulnerable Patients Is Crucial

Indeed, the importance of a nutritious meal while in hospital cannot be underestimated, as this is when many patients are at their most vulnerable.

Aside from a nourishing meal, hospitals must remain cognisant of the need to abide by infection control guidelines, especially when it comes to keeping hand hygiene beyond reproach.

Considering our expertise when it comes to healthcare waste management, we’re well aware of the importance of maintaining a high level of hygiene by ensuring medical consumables are on hand to help prevent potential hazardous situations.

Consequently, we offer a comprehensive range of clinical and non-clinical products to ensure your organisation complies with relevant legislation, providing the reassurance that exposure to potentially unsafe medical environments, such as body fluid spills, are reduced.

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