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Guidelines claim good waste management helps environment


Guidelines Claim Good Waste Management Helps Environment

Fresh waste management guidance issued by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) claims healthcare workers supported to classify waste can bring benefits to organisations and the environment.

In the past, the cost of trade waste removal had been covered by the majority of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) – but reimbursement of these costs is gradually being withdrawn.

According to the findings, a greater focus should be placed on risk assessment and distinguishing between different types of waste, rather than ALL waste be labelled infectious.

Additionally, the RCN argues staff training on waste management should be reinforced, suggesting that hiring a dedicated waste manager is a prospect all organisations should mull over.

The RCN’s nursing adviser for infection control, Rose Gallagher, said: “Safe management of healthcare waste is the responsibility of all staff in health settings. This guidance is designed to support healthcare workers, and particularly nursing staff, in managing the waste generated through their roles.

“There is evidence to suggest that a large quantity of healthcare waste is classified as infectious when it doesn’t actually present a risk of infection. It should instead be classed as offensive waste, meaning it is non-hazardous. This improvement in classification could lead to cost savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.

Of course, here at Initial Medical, our waste disposal service already provides your organisation with the equipment to maintain best practice, thanks to our colour-coded bins designed to suit your unique requirements.

Made from durable anti-bacterial plastic, the bins have a silver antimicrobial thread running throughout, killing 99.9 per cent of bacteria on contact, which helps reduce the risk of cross infection.

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