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Ebola virus and the importance of infection control


Ebola Virus and the Importance of Infection Control

With the Ebola virus continuing to spread across West Africa, killing around 700 people and counting, it’s now being claimed the disease could eventually hit Britain.

However, although one newspaper carried the headline “outbreak of deadly Ebola virus could reach UK”, the threat to this country is actually very low.

While the gravity of the situation in west Africa certainly can’t be taken lightly, the infection control procedures in place are, compared to the UK, less than adequate.

Indeed, when the threat of a new infection arises in this country, as witnessed with Mers (Middle Easter respiratory syndrome), highly responsive systems are rapidly put in place.

Rolling Out Infection Control Measures

According to the Guardian, if a person infected with Ebola arrived in the UK, infection control measures would be quickly rolled out and the sick person isolated in hospital.

The tracing process in the UK is highly efficient, so if they’d been in contact with other people, they too would be quarantined to check for symptoms manifesting.

Here at Initial Medical, we’re cognisant of the risks associated with lax infection control, which is why we offer a range of effective hand hygiene solutions for the medical industry.

Clean hands can help reduce infections such as flu, the common cold and gastrointestinal disorders, so frequent hand washing, using hand sanitiser and drying hands effectively should help protect everyone involved in your organisation.

If you’d like to learn more about infection control products available from Initial, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team – we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.