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Health Secretary Outlines Plans for NHS to Cut “Waste”


Jeremy Hunt has claimed the NHS must cut £10 billion annually by slashing mistakes and cutting wasteful spending.

Hygiene Emergency: Glasgow Ambulance Crews Must Scrub Up


It's been claimed that ambulance crews in Glasgow regularly fail basic hand washing tests.

Sharps injuries still a risk for NHS staff


Recent figures from the NHS Business Service Authority have revealed the health service has been sluggish to introduce safer needles, syringes and lancets.

Battling the flaming chemicals in US hospitals


Across the US, unnecessary chemicals are being removed from hospitals – starting with flame retardants.

Hospital food in England gets set for a shake up


Under new measures announced by the health secretary, hospitals in England will be expected to provide food of a higher standard.

The importance of waste management training


Following the recent deadly Ebola outbreak in Africa, it’s important that hazardous waste disposal methods in the UK are beyond reproach.

Falkirk: home to a “perfect” community hospital


The first hospital in Scotland to get a flawless score from hygiene inspectors, it was issued with no “requirements” or “recommendations” by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate

Ebola virus and the importance of infection control


Clean hands can help reduce infections such as flu, the common cold and gastrointestinal disorders.

Healthcare waste management colour codes: a reminder


To help keep you on the right track, we’ve compiled a quick reminder of the various colour codes you should be following when disposing of waste.

Innovative dental procedure set to slash fears AND waste


Researchers claim a new idea that encourages teeth to repair themselves could put an end to the dreaded sound of the dentist’s drill.

Workplace injuries: the importance of personal protective equipment


Figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal that an estimated 646,000 workers had an accident at work in the last statistical year, with an approximate £13.4 billion cost to society

Scotland’s hospitals urged to continue infection fight


Despite rigorous efforts to improve cleanliness and infection control procedures in Scotland’s hospitals, inspectors have found standards in some establishments are still not up to scratch.

Three generations tackle 44 mile cycle ride for charity


The team of four undertook the challenge to raise funds for the charity Malaria No More. They completed the ride in six hours, with colleagues waiting to greet and congratulate them in Liverpool.

Guidelines claim good waste management helps environment


Fresh waste management guidance issued by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) claims healthcare workers supported to classify waste can bring benefits to organisations and the environment

NICE report highlights dangers of lax infection control


A recent government health agency report has revealed one in every 16 people treated at an NHS hospital will contract an infection.

Bournemouth hospital boosts infection control measures


Medical practices across England may now be required to pay for removal of their trade waste as the NHS seeks to slash its discretionary payments.

Rentokil Initial UK awarded the Top Employers UK 2014


Rentokil Initial UK awarded the Top Employers UK 2014

Trade waste payments for English practices removed


Medical practices across England may now be required to pay for removal of their trade waste as the NHS seeks to slash its discretionary payments.

Research reveals third of trusts breaking sharps rules


Recent research has revealed a third of hospital trusts in England are not complying with safety regulations designed to slash the risk of needlestick injuries to nurses and other frontline staff.

New infection control guidelines urge better hand hygiene


A fresh piece of national guidance on infection prevention and control has been introduced, urging hospitals to work harder to inspire good hand hygiene among nursing staff and patients.

Understanding the dangers of needlestick injuries


In the UK, a small but still troubling number of healthcare workers develop a potentially life-threatening disease as a result of sharps or needlestick injuries.