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Medical consumables

Specialist Gloves Range

Wide range of gloves to suit all professions

We supply a variety of disposable gloves, each carefully selected and perfect for those in the medical, healthcare & beauty profession.

Latex, non-latex, vinyl and nitrile options

Vinyl & nitrile blend also available

Powder & powder-free

Various colours & sizes

All gloves are AQL 1.5

Medical masks also available

For dentists, our range includes gloves to ensure maximum client and dentist comfort, including powder free and Kooltouch gloves, as well as peppermint scented gloves!

We also supply high quality gloves suitable for tattooist and body piercers; ideal for prolonged use, whilst also providing comfort to the wearer.

Take a look at our range below or give us a call to talk through the most suitable gloves for your needs:

Vinyl gloves range includes:

  • Unigloves Vinyl Clear
  • Unigloves Vinyl Blue
  • Unicare Vinyl
  • Premium Vinyl Clear
  • Premium Vinyl Blue

vinyl gloves range

Latex gloves range includes:

  • Lano-E Latex
  • Peppermint Scented Green Lano-E Latex
  • Select Black Latex
  • Unicare Latex Clear
  • Unicare Latex
  • Supergrip Latex Clear

latex gloves range

Nitrile gloves range includes:

  • Kooltouch Nitrile Blue
  • Unicare Nitrile
  • Unicare Black Pearl Nitrile
  • Unicare Pink Pearl Nitrile
  • Kooltouch Lano-E Nitrile
  • Unitrile - Nitrile & Vinyl

nitrile gloves range

medical mask

Disposable surgical face mask

  • Blue ear loop, latex free
  • Integrated nose bridge
  • One size
  • 10 x 50 per box


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