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Male Hygiene Bin

A discrete way to deal with the under-reported issue of male incontinence

Historically, facilities for disposing of male hygiene waste have been absent from the washroom. But with figures estimating that 1 in 4 men over 40 may have some form of incontinence, you need the right provisions to ensure that sufferers can continue their days hygienically and with dignity. Our new Male Hygiene Bin will fulfil that requirement.

Specifically designed with user dignity in mind, Initial’s Male Hygiene Bin fits into any washroom cubicle alongside the toilet. Situating the bin here ensures user dignity by allowing for the anonymous disposal of waste. When dealing with a sensitive and under-reported issue, this anonymity is a pivotal way of safeguarding users from stigma.

Quiet pedal operation for hygienic use

Sleek design for cubicle usage

Waste transfer documentation provided

Modesty flap prevents exposure to contents

15 Litre capacity

Available in white or black (Black with silver lid)


  • ABS Plastic


  • 15 litre


  • Height 423mm
  • Width 153mm
  • Depth 567mm


  • 2.46kg

Placed in the cubicle beside the toilet

Sanitary waste should be safely positioned and correctly disposed of by a licensed carrier When controlled waste is transferred, supporting documentation is required.

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