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Entrance Well Matting

Logo Mats

Instant brand awareness

Initial Hygiene provides your business with the opportunity to visually promote your brand and create a lasting impression. Our indoor and outdoor logo mats create a clean and professional space whilst protecting your floors.

Logo Mats

Indoor Logo Mats

Add some colour and appeal to your premises with our fantastic indoor logo mats. Communicate your brand whilst protecting your floors from daily dirt and grime.

The bespoke indoor branded mats are as effective as Initial Hygiene’s standard entrance mats but allow you to add your own unique design.

Indoor Logo Mats

  • Superstyrene™ rubber contruction
  • Raptor rubber backing exclusive to Initial mats
  • Captures 6 kilos of dirt and 3 litres of water
  • 72 colours available to create your custom design
  • Photorealistic mat printing
  • Anti-fade fabric properties
  • Fire retardant to standard BS 13501
  • Available in various sizes up to 3.9m²
Branded mats help to create visual impact and are ideal for high traffic areas such as receptions, showrooms and corridors. Anti-fade properties integrated into the fabric of the mat ensure long lasting colour performance. Initial Hygiene regularly launder your mat in order to ensure consistent maximum performance.
Indoor Logo Mats Size Chart





Our logo mats are constructed from Superstyrene™ rubber:

  • Mat stays flat
  • Helps prevent potentially hazardous slips and trips

The backing is printed with a patented Raptor backing pattern which significantly reduces movement on wet floors and/or many hard surfaces.

Photorealistic Mats

Initial's bespoke mats offer you a fantastic opportunity to add any image to your workplace mats. Photorealistic mats provide the same effectiveness as our standard mats whilst adding the additional benefit of standing out.



Fluorescent Mats NEW  

Promote your brand to create a lasting impression with Initial’s serviced fluorescent mats. Designs can be tailored to your requirements using a fluorescent ink which is visible in the dark, so ideal for those with health and safety in mind.

Fluorescent Mats

  • Designs can be tailored to your requirements with printed messages such as company logo
  • Fluorescent yellow ink
  • New Raptor rubber backing features a revolutionary new pattern which significantly reduces movement on wet and/or hard surfaces
  • Superstyrene™ memory resistant rubber backing so the mat stays flat
  • Captures 6 kilos of dirt and 3 litres of water
  • Helps protect floors and reduce cleaning costs to replace keeps floors clean and undamaged
  • Fire retardant to BS EN 13501

Fluorescent Mats

Indoor Logo Mats Size Chart  


Outdoor Logo Scraper Plus Mats

Promote your brand or special message visibly from outside your premises with this new Initial Outdoor Logo Scraper Plus Mat.


Outdoor Logo Mats

  • 100% nylon for ultimate absorbency
  • Weather and UV-resistant so suitable for outdoor use
  • Backing features holes for drainage of excess water
  • Superstyrene memory resistant rubber backing so the mat stays flat
  • 72 colours to match your branding
  • Photorealistic option available

Our full service includes:

• Mat installation

• Regular servicing from trained staff

• Total peace of mind

• Mat rental

Outdoor Logo Mats Size Chart  
Message Mats

Save money on cleaning costs and floor maintenance bills

Reduce compensation claims

Aids compliance with Workplace Regulations by helping to reduce slips, trips and falls

Reduces fatigue, as well as leg and back ache

Minimises the amount of dirt and water tracked into a building

Cleaner, less slippery floors reduce the risk of slips trips and falls for the user

Enhances company image

Opportunity to print your brand logo