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Entrance Well Matting

Industrial Mats

Extreme Mats for demanding environments

Our industrial mats are specifically designed to cope with the demands of heavy industrial use and harsh weather conditions, being highly absorbent to ensure a clean and safe environment is maintained. Our heavy duty industrial mats are ideally suited for use in workshops, garages, print shops and production areas where oil and grease are present.

Industrial Mats

The high absorbency of our industrial mats ensure floors are kept clean, dry and free of oil and grease reducing the risk of accidents which could lead to a potential loss of productivity. The cleated backing to our industrial mats provides extra friction on hard, shiny surfaces often found in industrial environments ensuring the mat stays in place.

Our industrial mats are supplied as part of your floor mat service that provides your workplace with a clean made every week or two weeks ensuring a clean and safe environment is maintained.

Industrial Mats

  • 50% nylon and 50% cotton mix for ultimate absorbency
  • Coarse fibres scrape soil from shoes and prevent dirt spreading
  • Cleated backing ensures strong adherence to industrial environment flooring
  • Fire retardant to standard BS 13501
  • Industrial mats are available in 5 different sizes
  • Choice of 3 colours – Cobalt, Ironstone and Pebble
  • 100% Nitrile backing designed to withstand weekly laundry process