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HygieneConnect is a wireless system that measures hand washing compliance and encourages enhanced hygiene standards within your organisation.

Key Features of HygieneConnect :

✔ Wireless sensors are placed at entrance and below soap dispensers to measure footfall against soap usage

✔ Highlights the importance of hand hygiene and drives positive compliance rates

✔ Data is collected and delivered in real-time to the cloud every 15 minutes

✔ You are able to analyse the data on your device of choice, wherever you are, 24/7

How it Works


Sensors measure the number of people entering a washroom or critical control point and the number of people using soap to wash their hands. 

A calculation of these numbers gives the hand hygiene (washing) compliance measure with up to 99.7% accuracy.

This information can be analysed and viewed online. The sensors are easy to install and able to be fitted on to most soap dispensers.


The main benefits of HygieneConnect :

✔ Precise and objective measurement of hand hygiene within your organisation

✔ Every employee sees the hand hygiene status at the entrance to the toilets, encouraging hand washing

✔ Increase hand washing compliance by at least 50% amongst employees


✔  Staff Motivation

Every employee who visits the washroom or critical control point can see the HygieneConnect monitor. Viewing the current hygiene compliance encourages employees to wash their hands correctly. HygieneConnect has been found to increase hand washing compliance by 30% to 50% ensuring you achieve a higher hygiene accreditation.


✔  Improved Hygiene

Hygiene is critical across a number of industries such as the food and medical industries. The motivating force of HygieneConnect ensures that you dramatically reduce the risk of cross-contamination and achieve higher hygiene standards. The data available from HygieneConnect is incredibly valuable, especially for HACCP and supplier audits.

✔  Free Trial

The value of HygieneConnect for your organisation is clear from the motivating monitor, accurate data collection, and improved hygiene benefits. We offer a free, no obligation trial. After you have used HygieneConnect for the one month trail, you can then decide whether you would like to purchase HygieneConnect to use on going

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